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The Gleneden Sanitary District was established in 1968, and encompasses the communities of Gleneden Beach and Lincoln Beach.

It is bordered on the North by the Salishan Sanitary District and on the South by the City of Depoe Bay. The Gleneden Sanitary District operates a collection system of sixteen pump stations. The District’s sewer system was completed and became operational June of 1976. It is primarily a collection and interceptor system, with the sewage actually being processed at the treatment plant in Depoe Bay. Currently the City of Depoe Bay and Gleneden Sanitary District have an agreement that shares costs of the shared facilities based on customer connections and EDU’s (Equivalent Dwelling Units). Gleneden Sanitary District’s percentage of the treatment and capital upgrades on the shared facilities are currently 58%. The Agreement with Depoe Bay was established in the early 1970’s and has served both communities well. The Gleneden Sanitary District contracted in the 1970’s with the Kernville-Gleneden Beach-Lincoln Beach Water District to maintain and operate the sewer collection system including administration. They still have an agreement to this day. This agreement has worked very well over the years for the operation of the water and sewer districts as well as keeping rates at a minimum.